Monday, 6 April 2009

been listening to...

Bright Phoebus (1972) by Lal & Mike Waterson. It begins with the Sergeant Pepper-like "Rubber Band" (not everyone makes it past this track) and visits some very dark places on the way. Highlights are the sudden unaccompanied voice - that of Bob Davenport - on "Child Among the Weeds" - astonishing - it 'wheels and turns' on 'riven/ribbon wing' like the bird he's singing about - and the whole of "Red Wine and Promises" which is sung not by Lal but by her sister Norma apparently. Four tracks from youtube posted below (no videos as such though some nice postcards of Hull) but these are no substitute for listening to the album from start to finish.

Red Wine and Promises:

Child Among the Weeds:

Fine Horseman:

Bright Phoebus:

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