Tuesday, 9 June 2009

rainy day assart no 47


The ladies-in-waiting overnight
in the best early modern hotels.
I'm checking out
your lovely fucking mistresses
they say no to it later
I don't know what to do the
ladies-in-waiting are feeding busily at the
the ladies-in-waiting youtube if they want to.
O mistress thou art all behind
I want a partybag to perish in
& open emails from my polish wives.
"Write to me a letter
that have interested you"
I love my structure & go in for waiting too.


sexy said...



jeff hilson said...

this only has 10 lines

Peckham in Furs said...

Verification: waystin

Jonny Liron said...

Hey Jeff, I'm a friend of Chris Goode's and just wanted to say hello, he put your book 'Bird Bird' in my hands to read last night, and it's fucking awesome man, it's so good, the poetry we need now, beautifully difficult, stretching my ribs, progression man.
Thank you


jeff hilson said...

Thanks Jonny - we all need more rib stretching! I'll be reading from the birds on Sunday June 21 at Cafe Oto in Dalston if you're about - 3pm.

hjgodwin said...

google translation:

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"adult electric shadows"

jeff hilson said...

harry how did you translate all those squares?

hjgodwin said...

it's in japanese - you must not have the language 'installed' - hence the squares.

jeff hilson said...

Just kidding - but I hope you'll be reading from this found text in the next few weeks. there's one on Sean's blog too...

Peckham in Furs said...

Harry Godwin, you star.

My verification is 'Sucks' and I'm not joking.