Saturday, 29 May 2010

replaced assart


No one listens to Petrarch.
He's an a plus ultra
& stabbed me in the first leg.
As we struggled to keep the ship from sinking
he stabbed me in the return leg.
More boldly he has gone
& stabbed me in the assarts.
I have left the Enterprise for good.
Now I'm the Captain of your ship
now I'm Rear Admiral.
My legs in the ocean or else they would be dry.
No one listens to Petrarch.
People are rowing away from other people
every oar crying "I want to touch you but I can't!"


linus slug said...

"It’s a romance."

hjgodwin said...

you've lost the best worst line from the freaky guy.

but 'realer' than
The Reality Street Book of Sonnets.

jeff hilson said...

Not so - I've dscided to include 2 no. 50s - Ha!

You all OK down there - sleeping ? (!)

Wayne said...

as delicious as a knife in the buttocks

hjgodwin said...

2 50s!

I dreamt of the assarts last night. I dreamt that you converted a ton of hardcore-mainstream poets.

& yes, we're sleeping ok!

jeff hilson said...

Harry, 'twas no dream I lay broad waking etc etc

Actually sounds like a nightmare

And thanks for the clifford tache pic - tiny & excellent - & for yr new address...

Nicholas Sparks said...

Hi Jeff!
Seven days into the Yard of June
And the clouds like fossil birds..

from the empyrean!

Nick Sparks

Al Kover said...

Ah, yes, you echo Spicer, too: "No one listens to poetry"