Saturday, 28 June 2008

old stretcher

Before Bob Cobbing put out the first vol of stretchers in 2000 I showed him this version I'd done using notepad or paintshop (whatever, it still took hours to do). I wanted to publish the whole sequence like this but Bob disagreed insisting it had to be legible.


Sean Bonney said...

nice to see that again. makes me go all nostalgic.

don't know whether the ufos we saw were the same as the one's in shropshire. they were pretty strange tho, orange lights in weird formation. apparantly they might have been some kinda lanterns that are all the rage among people who have gardens, but they seemed pretty high up. oh well. I'm indifferent to em really, and it doesn't bother me whether aliens are walking around us or not, cuz I'm an internationalist. they did brighten up an otherwise ather boring evening.

jeff hilson said...

maybe someone was having a party in the sky.

off to Writers Forum.