Saturday, 28 June 2008

unpublished stretcher

I left this one out of the Reality Street book by mistake.

…this is a 27 sparrow
pick up (grow up you)
camp torremolinos was
mostly birds in a small
fire singing o to o to be
o to be old mans organs
in a bowl o to be legally
whitebait in aluminum lakes
of d & c (gling gling their
new job as a rabies dish
delayed by six centuries
of shopping at fuck london
(take that final cindy (the
bird cries I wear a bird
(take that fat kidney &
put it in the peepers the
waiter which I reach put
me in the peepers sir
yr bedford jacket make
you a queerboy he say I
say sir I am janice kenneths
wife we who are so hairy
are lips are & are arms are
& I dump her fresh she
& her new airs & let her
go the keep-out girl (she
a going-down non-stop
battery who so go round
the mulberry bush you
will (later) see her gling
gling she who will not
no sir fall in with any other

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