Friday, 15 January 2010

anachronous assart


I'm not home I'm a homeowner
nobody noticed the two of us
who loved thy american tree.
Don't kill me like modern borneo.
That beautiful language is worn
that beautiful language is.
I'm glad I'm talking in
in borneo I'm home
"talking in borneo in my room"
I don't understand my home sometimes
when you enter the room
I don't understand in borneo anything
my home is in thy american tree
(language realism poesie)


Jonny Liron said...

I think it is very beautiful and it is sad and it is terrifying and it is terrifying me and I find it terrifying and sad and so I find it beautiful.

jeff hilson said...

And I never set foot in borneo, ancient or modern (or revised)...

need to wrap these up soon (ish)

jeff hilson said...

Sorry, & thanks Jonny for saying so...