Tuesday, 26 January 2010

pulchritudinous assart


one more thing so cleanly I kiss
I'm glad your face is
it's massive again the target
I am the king
& cromwell's realistic hands
r.i.p. his gripping hands
hold a pistol quietly out
not like the navy during the armada
smack! smack!
that's the sound of cromwell kissing
not a genuine face
like you & me
in the navy who shoots who
who's the king who's the daddy?


alan hay said...

There used to be a Balti House in Balsall Heath in B'ham called I Am The King. Their I Am The King Special Tropical Peshwari Naan was, in addition to pineapple, glace cherries, garlic and coriander, covered in hundreds & thousands(the coloured sugar stuff)then ladled with hot ghee to form a rainbow slick of sweet/savoury horror/delight. Once you'd got that all down the front of yr t shirt you might as well cut it up for dusters.

jeff hilson said...

That's the best comment I've ever read ever