Tuesday, 16 March 2010

(false) spring assart


I wish I folded
like everyone else in H & E
I wasted my time levant & couchant
like the sunshine in H & E.
Here's a song about the sunshine
it did not reach everywhere the movement.
My life as a beginner
in the full sun making a new way,
champion & me,
through the complex
true history of the assarts.
When I awoke I was unfolded like sylvia in may,
a simple surface only
shiny, shiny.


alan hay said...

That levant / couchant reminded me of Tommy Cooper's joke:

A policeman said to me 'Did you hear about the WPC who appeared in Playboy (or Health & Efficiency I guess would do)?'

I said 'Was she suspended?'

He said 'No. Laid out on a rug.'

ninerrors said...

this morning I notice/uss the cro·cus·es and it being nearly spring-like

excellent and delightful

ninerrors said...

oh hey Hay, now I'm reminded of Ice the Levant by Stump... the only other song I know by Stump has the refrain: "big bottom, swing big bottom"



jeff hilson said...

Very good keep 'em coming.

Hamilton Bohannon indeed...

ESG's A South Bronx Story kep' me going today.

Jenny said...

Brilliant poetry, jeff.

jeff hilson said...

Why thank you Jenny - by 'brilliant' you of course mean 'shiny'!

ninerrors said...

"glossy sonnet gleaming sleek"

It's very sad, like, the end is nigh, like "Don’t go away from me sometime" like yr bird bird line, like
[don't come too soon with the 69]

home to piss in lifts. aye.

jeff hilson said...

so you're the lift pisser? I always wondered...

Peckham in Furs said...

Never mind the piss, where's the shit with the fag in?

This is becoming an epic run lovely as the assarts

I too delight in the croci Sluggy. And I got daffs

jeff hilson said...

oh alright then I'll stick it up now