Saturday, 31 January 2009

40th assart


I live next door as well as
the mongol gunners.
I am open field I am
right there & king, kings
Like a king of experimental college,
yet not too serious
hey I am only searching for a genuine line
maybe more
& tall & slim
& loves to swim
the mongol gunners eat out or in.

Monday, 26 January 2009

UK Premiere of Louis Zukofsky's "A"-24

On Friday January 23, the 105th anniversary of the birth of Louis Zukofsky, the Centre for Modernist Studies at the University of Sussex held a seminar on, and staged a performance of, "A"-24, the final section of Zukofsky's long poem "A." Composed by Zukofsky's wife Celia as a gift for her husband, this last 'movement' consists of 5 'voices' performing simultaneously. Four of these voices are made up of quotations from Zukofsky's writing and the fifth consists of selections from Handel's "Pieces pour Clavecin" (Harpsichord pieces). At roughly an hour and 10 minutes the performance requires great concentration and stamina from all five performers who need to listen to each other to ensure the correct timing of each of the movement's 'scenes.' The piece was performed magnificently (to my ears) by Ken Edwards, Sean Bonney, Francesca Beasley, Daniel Kane and harpsichordist Kerry Yong. Earlier in the afternoon a number of Zukofsky 'scholars' gave a series of papers on "A"-24 and this was followed by a performance of two solo violin pieces by Sarah Jane Barnes, Janequin's "Chant des oiseaux" and Bach's "Chaconne" from the D-minor Partita.


Kerry Yong

The harpsichord

Francesca Beasley, Ken Edwards, Sean Bonney, Daniel Kane, Richard

Ken Edwards & Francesca Beasley

Sean Bonney & Daniel Kane

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

More TV timewasting...

Manuel Gottsching, formerly of krautrock supergroup Ash Ra Tempel, famously accused overated electronica outfit LCD Soundsystem of 'inappropriately imitating' the artwork of his 1981 LP "E2-E4" on the cover of their Nike sponsored 2006 CD "45:33." If interested you can look at for the full story.

I couldn't help notice Clive Anderson, however, also wearing an 'inappropriately imitative' tie on a rerun of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" recently aired by freeview channel 'Dave.'

This is the kind of post you put up when you should be marking student work.

Gottsching cover

Anderson tie

Best hair ever on University Challenge?

New Year's Assart


The other half of england
I shall return to hazel
the van travel hath wearied me so sore
riding between pine I went

with the girl next door.
She is popular into the face
on which I shine.
Move along it's somebody's place
like faces
there's plenty of room in a van.
But I am a clubber I
want to dance

& into the face of a man.