Thursday, 19 November 2009

Assart into the 60s


In the next letter I did it
in my own hand
afterwards wee maye not speke
lyke wee oughte

in the sixteenth century on her hard bed
who after sunset fadeth like american ted.
They both are killing me
with 14 inches
I drove him away with ron & rod.
Ladies dead & lovely knights so long
I didn't win either
not with the lines
then we got into her hard bed together
like a brick or a broomstick whatever

Friday, 6 November 2009

Assarts are getting better


If you liked my photo
sorry if I'm wrong
now I write my first letter
the quiet young purposeful girl.
Once upon a time hello!
I have considered your structure.
It is awfully clean.
I like to read books &
go in for sports basically gymnastics.
It is awfully clean.
I come short and enormous not correctly.
Are glances our glances.
A man is that simple.
Dear. I look at a sundown. Good day.


I loved to you mike oldfield
one side of tubular bells
I moved away
to avoid the - unintelligible lyrical utterances –
of the other.
There goes my solo career.
I am nearly finished with
the sonnets of the 70s.
The ****** ***** reading group
fell apart it was the difficult
second album the whole thing it was
difficult to begin to you
again my lady it was the 1970s
do you have she's got everything by the kinks?