Friday, 24 July 2009

50th Assart!


Hey we're still 'in' In the Assarts!
Not 'The' Assarts or 'From' the Assarts -
In the Assarts!
I'm always 'reading it out loud' at readings.
It’s a romance.
I wish a maiden was reading it.
This is 'the fiftieth poem!'
They're fake medieval poems
but 'realer' than
The Reality Street Book of Sonnets.
I stole that line from
a student's poem it 'mentioned
cocks' too but modern
ones like the ones in this ________ room.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Assart XLIX


Look at my library it's in latin
I made it of flowers
to hold up the structure
o. reclinata!
unlike goldilocks I never was the same again.
Who's been sleeping in my library
I made it of wattle-&-daub.
Look at my anthologies
there's frank kermode the pervert
there goes my library
o. reticulata!
I draw cocks in books
frank kermode's cock obviously
it was smaller than the pantry!