Monday, 31 August 2009

assart whatever


Not you again jeremy irons
look at my lady swimming
through the awkwardly-contriv'd opening
the british actor jeremy irons
is trying on her false hair
I'm the french lieutenants woman
no I'm the french lieutenants woman
no I'm the french lieutenants woman
etc etc I don't know how
many times I curtsey'd
he's not even the fucking king.
Love died between me & the army.
In her long loose sleeves he drown'd
displaying all the elegants of sound.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Previous Assart for the Perseids


He didn’t finish off my head
it's orbiting the earth.
Me & my friend singing in the gegenschein
it was so hot I forgot to shower up.
Try not to be a head on any clear night
faster than pitiful thrivers.
Objects come from the canopy & into men’s eyes.
It's probably something low as a mag
& just everyone’s milky way
when a shower is active.
Anyone watching instead you need to star who,
heads which are bright,
tails which are dark,
the best part is jets 3 & 5.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Friday, 7 August 2009

Dog Day Assart


I thought I caught my ladylove not
far away not
now my ladylove
touch-me-not in shady places attenborough
in the dunes
with small alison I'm
in the dunes again
to escape the annual report
of the district field club and naturalists union
nothing for you here attenborough
away from the pavements
where late my lady sang
about the difference between
unh-hunh unh-hunh & unh-hunh unh-hunh unh-hunh

Monday, 3 August 2009

a fifty-first assart


Farmers on acid farmers on oldfashioned fours.
They can hardly be good king henry.
In the long grass his heart
shaped head is wide spread.
Half of england ride in anglias.
On the roadside your downy hips above you
so undaisylike your ladylove
my pale mauve lip follows a wet spring.
I'm a man orchid
in kent I turned
back again to make my lip look round.
5 new guys want to hang out
spreading white male cum locally.
The anglias in the compound.