Tuesday, 26 January 2010

pulchritudinous assart


one more thing so cleanly I kiss
I'm glad your face is
it's massive again the target
I am the king
& cromwell's realistic hands
r.i.p. his gripping hands
hold a pistol quietly out
not like the navy during the armada
smack! smack!
that's the sound of cromwell kissing
not a genuine face
like you & me
in the navy who shoots who
who's the king who's the daddy?

Friday, 15 January 2010

anachronous assart


I'm not home I'm a homeowner
nobody noticed the two of us
who loved thy american tree.
Don't kill me like modern borneo.
That beautiful language is worn
that beautiful language is.
I'm glad I'm talking in
in borneo I'm home
"talking in borneo in my room"
I don't understand my home sometimes
when you enter the room
I don't understand in borneo anything
my home is in thy american tree
(language realism poesie)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year's Assart


I loved to you robin gibb
more than a woman
I wish you were here singing
my favourite carols good king wenceslas
for instance he looked out
more than robin hood
more even than the feast of steven
robin gibb CBE who fucked my housekeeper
deep & crisp & even
what a disappointment he's not the king either
following the disco backlash &
the hither green rail disaster
not in that order in the 1980s I'm not home
when I looked out the bee gees stole my phone